Anne Coulter’s latest spam e-mail arrived October the 19th. Her tiny brain has analyzed the true meaning behind fund raising in the 2008 Presidential Elections. So REJOICE REPUBLICANS! Wall Street Hates You!

Barack Obama not only won the election with more votes from everyone in the country but he also had more contributions to his campaign from everyone in the country. And that’s the good news.

In her effort to slam Wall Street and Liberals Ms. Coulter asks, “What if you discovered that your auto mechanic was a member of Greenpeace? Would you think twice about having him work on your SUV?”

Well, I don’t own a gas guzzling SUV. But to follow her logic, only Americans can work on Ford’s and Chevy’s. I’d better find an Asian mechanic for my Nissan, a Scotsman to serve my whiskey, and a goat to do my landscaping.

I don’t it’s any of my business how my broker votes. Voting remains a private issue, not a business making venture. But Coulter makes it very clear. Don’t do any business with Wall Street. Wall Street donated more money to Obama than to the loser, McCain.

Me? I’m hoping my broker always picks the winner. It’s a job requirement.