Imagine a high school student telling the United States Department of Justice [DOJ] to “Go F— Yourselves!”

It is happening. A high school graduate has issued a public statement declaring that the “DOJ has effectively directed the State of Georgia not to comply with or enforce federal law.”

WOW! I bet the Constitutional lawyers at the DOJ are shaking in fear. KNOT!

So who is this arrogant high school graduate and how did they start a fight with the DOJ?

Well, it could be our Lt. Gov., Lowell Stacy “Casey” Cagle. His highest achievement in formal education is a high school diploma. He denies it. He claims he attended Gainesville College and Georgia Southern. He has even claimed to be a graduate of both institutions. With his approval, GB&T issued a press release clearly stating “K.C.’s” qualifications for sitting at the grown up table. AKA Board of Directors. The false information has never been corrected by the Bank or K.C.

His resume’ is very inaccurate. More on that another time.

No, our Legal Scholar with the high school diploma is Karen Handel. She broke federal law by changing voter registration methods without complying with the 1964 Voting Rights Act. She’s been trying to cover her exposed backsides ever since.

As I’ve pointed out in other entries, Handel broke the law and didn’t have the legal right, per the DOJ, to usurp the county voter registration process. A process clearly spelled out in the Georgia Constitution.

If I’m wrong about the Constitutional power of counties to be the final certification of legitimate voter registration, I’m sure Karen Handel et al, can cite the Constitutional Clause to me.

In writing. Hopefully with a press release posted on the front page of the Georgia Secretary of State website. If that’s not too hard for a high school graduate to do.