We have heard that “War is Hell!”  Now Sue Everhart claims that, “Politics is War!” 

Give me a break.  Unless you are inciting the second civil war (which would not surprise me), the statement, “politics is war” is such a gross statement that it is simply unAmerican. 

Ms. Everhart, inciting violence between two political parties is exactly what was wrong with the last eight years of this country.  You are no soldier just simply an upperclass woman living in her glass house and throwing stones. 

You have been quoted that you want to be known as a woman who, “loved God, loved her family, and loved her country.”  How dare you claim you love this country.  Your vile hate speech in what is tearing down this country.  How dare you say you love God and yet call for war between his people. 

You can continue your asinine racist’s arguments, but history will relegate you exactly where you belong:  in the ranks of John Calhoun, Preston Smith Brooks, and Jefferson Davis.  

Welcome to the Asshat Nomination Club!  Most of them wear sheets too.