Left on Lanier isn’t the only blog in the world, just the best. The Gainesville Times also has a couple of ‘blogs’ that are heavily monitored for ‘suspicious’ postings. Such a shame.

Another blog that too often cuts off comments but not posters is the PeachPundit.

After less than 10 days, comments have been refused for a post about Nathan Deal and Racism. I can’t imagine why a Right Wing blog would cut off a discussion of racism in politics. But, racism isn’t the topic of this post.

Censorship is the topic. The Times for example invites people onto a stage with a microphone. But, cuts the sound system and the lights if the speaker exercises free speech. The counter or flip side argument says the provider of the forum has a right to direct the discussion. That shouldn’t be unless the content becomes generally excluded speech by the standards of our community and society.

That guideline applies here. But, not on any right wing blogs. A GOP County Party Chairman made the comment that the GOP voters should pick candidates and not the Party Leaders. That was on PeachPundit.

Immediately the Lt. Gov’s race was brought up. The GOP Party Leadership cleared the entire field of announced candidates to give the primary victory to Lowell S. ‘Casey’ Cagle.

Did that comment shut down the blogging? If not that comment, then why was the thread locked? Why doesn’t the GOP Party Leadership answer questions about the one man race for Lt. Gov.?

Before Lowell Stacy “Casey” Cagle got into the race, the GOP had viable candidates who brought interesting perspectives to the primary and possibly to the office.

Now voters have only one choice in the GOP primary. Cagle. Cagle who’s the center of the Nathan Deal corruption probe.

That’s enough of a reason for the state to keep primaries open. An open primary allows GOP and DEM voters to cross partisan lines to vote for a candidate closest in ideology or platform.

With the GOP closing out primary candidates, GOP voters do not get to choose candidates through a primary or a general election.