Your property tax bill is going up due to the state legislature voting against the Homestead Relief Grant.

In the Gainesville Times, James Mills (R-Chestnut Mountain & Crazytown) complains:

…he thinks the county’s insert explaining the suspension of the grant placed too much blame at the state level.

Despite the fact that he voted for the grant to disappear in the state legislature.

Bonus: James Mills’ competitor in the last election cycle responds in the comment section (copied below):

Since you will not answer my emails, let me answer your question here.

Mr. Mills, no reduction occurred with our property taxes, because you continue to vote for bloated budgets that contain unfunded mandates.

During the campaign, I laid out for you the exact amount that you raised our property taxes for each of the last six years. Your response was that I did not understand that state government is not responsible for property taxes. What is obvious is that you do not understand that your votes matter and your failure to fund the HTRG have now continued to raise our taxes.

Sir, please do not continue to act as if you are not responsible for the financial crisis that our state is now experiencing. You won the election, now act like it.