LOLLet’s discuss the merits of Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, and address a few of the right-wing arguments that are detracting from this great honor for a sitting American President.

Choice criticisms of the award come from:

  • Rush Limbaugh who called it a “greater embarrassment” than losing the Olympics.
  • Erick Erickson of RedState declared it an “Affirmative Action” pick.
  • Ann Coulter says Obama got the award for being black.
  • Many have pointed to the fact that the nomination was only 12 days after assuming office.
  • On a related note, GOP-ers’ are claiming that Obama has done nothing since in office, so it’s a false prize.

To sum up, his detractors think that Obama should be embarrassed, has done nothing to deserve it, and received it (much like his election win) due to his skin color.

First, while Obama was nominated for the award only 12 days after assuming office, the award was voted on recently. Obama has a record of achievement to scrutinize now that he didn’t have when he was nominated for the Nobel in February. You may claim the nomination was premature, but the voting was anything but.

Second, claiming Obama received the award due to race is as stupid as claiming he received the presidency due to race. What possible historic precedent can one cite that indicates that being black makes it easier to become President? Or win a prestigious international award? Show us some studies and we’ll discuss. In fact we can do a quick study right now – 42 people have been President in US history through 2008, and all of them were white males. Until Obama. Tell me again how black folks can more easily assume the highest office in the land.

Finally, the right-wing has repeatedly claimed that Obama is a socialist that is tearing the very fabric of our society apart. How can one simultaneously claim that Obama has A) done nothing and B) turned our nation into a socialist country? How can he be both ineffective and all-powerful? And how can these people- with their tiny brains and large mouths- hold both competing thoughts at the same time without recognizing their own logical inconsistency?

None of us understand the process by which the Nobel committee awards this most prestigious prize. But to deny the American President a hearty “good-job!” after winning it while in office is a uniquely un-American position to hold.