Georgia has another national distinction this morning. We’re not just morally bankrupt and led by racists, our state budget revenues have fallen for 10 months in a row.

Georgia’s revenue collections fell another 16 percent in September, compared to the same month a year ago, as the state’s three main sources of tax income continued to bottom out. This marks the 10th consecutive month of declining revenues. Here is a look at the figures released Thursday and how they compare to previous months and years. Full story.

When the stock market fell even a penny, Obama and liberal policies were blamed by the GOP.

When the state budget deficit grows and grows, who takes the credit for that?

The GOP was going to run our state government like a business and hold people responsible for failures. Tthe GOP leadership said that taxes should be voluntary and implemented User Fees.
When the fire department can’t rescue your family from a fire, or an interstate accident, or a terrorist attack, you’re going to feel very used.