Not sure, who advises politicians to blame the media every time they get caught in a lie or an embarrassing situation.  They do it because most of the time it works. 

Don’t like what is being printed about you, well that is the liberal media just trying to bring down the man. 

Cue Nathan Deal’s most recent email to his supporters…

 Once again, the liberal Atlanta media has unleashed it’s venom on the Deal campaign and we’re fighting back…

First Mr. Deal claims that his “Ghetto Grandmother” comment was taken out of context.

Now, that happens often, but to refute the charges you are suppose to explain the context. 

For example, suppose you were quoted calling Justice Souter a child molesting goat fucker, but in context you were really trying to prove that you are bat shit crazy.

Mr. Deal please tell me in what context can “Ghetto Grandmother” be taken other than you being an out of touch racist. 

He goes on in this email to rant about his strong arm tactics taken with the Georgia Department of Revenue on behalf of his salvage business.  Now he is calling a safety issue. 

“Gainesville Salvage Disposal decided not to participate in the private inspection program because I felt it did not meet the safety threshold of the state operated program. I am deeply concerned that a reduction in the safety requirements could result in a liability issue for our company and therefore was not in our best interest.

 Well, Deal is half right.  It is a safe bet that you got caught in a lie and now you are trying to cover your ass.

Just so Mr. Deal doesn’t claim that I am taking his email out of context, click here for the full text.

h/t:  Peach Pundit