Except this time it is worse.

A year ago, the State of Georgia’s tax revenue figures were plummeting.  By October of 2008, the state was facing a 7% decline in revenue.  Every republican member of the state legislature was running for cover with democratic members and candidates calling for a special session to deal with the crisis.  September bailed them out because revenues were actually up 700 million and before the dismal October numbers came in the election was over and everyone decided just to ride out the storm.  By the way we ended that fiscal year with over a 2 billion dollar deficit.

Fast forward one year and now our state faces a 14% decline in tax revenue.  Wonder what will be cut next.  State workers have already seen a reduction in pay, furloughs, and benefit premium increases of 10%.  Will the GOParanoid actually stand up this time, call a special session, and deal with the crisis that they have created.

There was actually one member of the General Assembly that warned that we were going to be facing this again.  His name is Representative Alan Powell (D – Hartwell).  Too bad we didn’t listen.