Yesterday, a brave soul dared to blog about Ghetto Grandmothers and Nathan Deal on the Gainesville Times’ website.

During the night, the Times pulled the posting. At this point, the Times hasn’t printed the story of how our 9th District Congressman used racist language in front of an all white crowd. Deal was video’d saying that there were lots of grandmothers in ghetto’s without a birth certificate.

WOW! A Congressman and a candidate for Governor of Georgia saying that the ghetto is full of illegitimate women. That’s not local news? It made national news. But it’s not in print in Deal’s hometown. And when an individual had the stones to put it up on the Times blogs, that person got banned and the post was pulled down. Oh the price of free speech … Never has there been a greater need for politicians and the press to be held to decent standards.

Congressman Nathan Deal is a corrupt, racist pig who panders to KKK grandfathers. That’s not Real. But, that’s the Deal.