There are a few dedicated media folks in this county who read Left on Lanier. Their insight is cherished regardless of my personal feelings toward their place of employment.

That being said, what possible excuse is there to give such a pass on Nathan Deal?

Over the weekend, he used the racist term “Ghetto Grandmothers” in a public speech, followed by the decision not to renew the license on his personal business that has been under an ethics investigation. He was named one of the 10 most corrupt politicians by CREW.  This bountiful smorgasbord of news falls right into the lap of the Gainesville Times- hell, it’s OUR congressman, living in GAINESVILLE, who is under these clouds of suspicion- and nary a word.

So let’s break it down in the hopes that a wayward G-Times Editor stumbles upon this little-read blog:

  • Why is OUR Congressman who is running for Governor ignored when he uses a racially derogatory term in a public setting? If your duty is to report facts, what standard does the Times hold that can plausibly deny that this is news-worthy?
  • Deal has decided to discontinue his business. The dealings with this business, involving back-door deals and political maneuvering at the highest levels of state and federal government, have yet to be reported upon. The Times may have ran a “Deal Apologizes!” story after never having disclosed the original complaint to begin with.
  • CREW declares Deal one of the most corrupt members of Congress. Again, ignored completely by the Times.

It’s clear why everyone around here is Republican. If everyone’s news sources were restricted to only the Times, it’d be easy to follow Limbaugh into the depths of depravity because one has no knowledge of GOP Corruption whatsoever.

Gentlemen, it’s a different time and place. While controlling access to the stories may have worked in the early 90’s, it’s not the case now. It’s incumbent upon your editing and publishing staff to take your head out of your respective asses and actually report meaningful stories on important issues- especially ones involving our own Congressman.

Pro-Tip: I could also go on about how Georgia has more bank failures per-capita than any other state, and the Chairman of the State Banking Committee (who lives in Gainesville) has yet to have been even contacted about the issue.  Only so much bile for one day, folks.