We have economic problems in Georgia and the United States. Looking around the world, we’re not the only ones with problems. Why even the most affluent school in Hall County has kids needing basic nutritional support. Sort of a bail out program for the hungry student. Getting children used to the Nanny state at an early age. Welfare schools.

In today’s Gainesville Times Hall County schools Superintendent Schofield said … “more than 55 percent of Hall students receive free or reduced lunch, and the majority of parents are having an increasingly tough time paying for school trips and band or sports uniforms. Schofield said 35 percent of students at Hall’s most affluent school now receive free or reduced lunch.”

The article is more about cutting field trips for exceptional students than the legendary Free Lunch. Or, is that mystical Free Lunch since everyone just knows there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Which begs the question, why give it away?

And why give student athletes free bus rides to places like Fannin County for a Friday night football game? But not a trip to Washington, D.C.?

Money. Every politician of the GOP variety screams, “Throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve anything!” So stop sending fund raising letters to voters. Run a campaign on an ever shrinking budget. Ops. That comes close to taking personal responsibility. Our legislature doesn’t do that. When the budget tanks, the lame duck Governor does the budget cutting. No special session to put the public in the loop on how to spend or raise funds or for which essential service.

We can only hope every incumbent in Georgia is a former real estate agent, or home builder, or developer. Or dependent upon those folks for campaign funds.

Throwing money at a problem won’t solve the problem. Maybe. But politicians spend plenty of money, don’t they? Just without our approval.