More on the Ghetto Grandmothers from Access North Georgia:

GAINESVILLE – Ninth District Congressman and Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal has apologized for comments he made during a speech at Saturday’s GOP breakfast gathering in Cherokee County, in which he used the term “ghetto grandmothers.”

During his speech, the Hall County native discussed documentation of being a U.S. citizen while applying for a birth certificate. Deal was quoted as saying:

“We got all the complaints from the ghetto grandmothers that didn’t have birth certificates and all of that. We. . .wrote some very liberal language as to how you can verify that.”

Deal has since released a statement about his remarks, saying, “I regret my choice of words and in no way meant to offend anyone.”So what did you intend, besides getting votes out of white people?

It takes much more than good intentions, Congressman Deal. Ghetto Grandmothers isn’t in my daily language. It’s not a part of my culture. Until you used the term in public, I had never heard of such a thing. Wanna take credit for inventing the term or admit where and with whom you normally use such a term?

Transparency in government should be on your REAL agenda.