So this weekend, I took the time to read two online articles.  Both were on the same subject:  Nathan Deal and the Lake.  You can read them here and here.

Both of these articles put Mr. Deal in a good light.  One even had a picture of Mr. Deal crusading for Georgia’s water rights from the well of the House of Representatives.

The problem is not that Mr. Deal was wrong in his opposition to the federal spending bill that would adversely affect Georgia’s water rights, but that Mr. Deal has been silent on this issue for so many years why would we think he is credible now.  Last year, Mr. Deal blamed the entire plight of Lake Lanier on the Secretary of the Army.  Deal’s chief of staff said that no one could do anything about this person.  That is just not correct.  An Army secretary has only the power given to him by his chief commander and his purse strings are controlled by Congress.  What Mr. Deal meant to say was that there was no better alternative available to the Secretary of the Army because Congress (including Mr. Deal) has failed to act over the last 50 years on this subject. 

So now Congress takes some action, but Deal doesn’t like it.  He doesn’t like it because a certain gentleman (his words, not mine) has injected language into the bill that would direct the Corps. of Engineers to calculate critical yields on the Appalachiacola-Chattahoochee-Flint river basins.  The problem is the calculation will not take into consideration the human element and thus will adversely affect Georgia.

So who is this gentleman and what does this have to do with Mr. JWDuncan’s rant.  Well, at the end of the Gainesville Times article, Mr. Duncan added this partisan comment:

October 02, 2009 – 07:13 AM

Welcome to the USSR. United States Socialist Republic.

So my mama doesn’t come back from the grave and wash my mouth out with soap….I’m keeping it clean.This is the Democratic Socialist’s world when you elect Democrats to office that then appoint Liberal Judges.

Before you call me a right wing radical for continuing to point out the ALL Democrats are Socialists in their agenda, learn the true meaning of Socialism.

Here’s a start for your quest for more education. Ignorance can be cured, Stupidity I can’t help you with:…

Thencompare it to “Definition of Democracy”.

Most people think that the United States is a Democratic Society. True to a point since we vote our officials into office….even with ACORN voter registration fraud, people voting from the grave, and the same ones in multiple states.

The fact is, our US Constitution states we are a “Republic” governed by the rule of law. Democrats completely ignore the US Constitution.

Democrats clearly want to eliminate free speech, freedom of the press, the 2nd amendment with the right to bear arms, redistribute the wealth, and even tell us how to use water from our own resources from a federal government level to the point we aren’t allowed to drink it when we produce it locally.

With the Anti Christ in office as president of the United States (Yes, he meets 12 of 15 conditions outlined in your King James Bible), I hope the people in the United States will see the truth and remove this dictator and his Socialist buddies (Peacefully through voting) from Washington, DC in 2010 and 2012 for good.

I suffered through the Carter years. This administration makes Jimmy Carter look mild in their policies.

Okay, Political rant is over. I’m going fishing in Lake Lanier before that right is taken away by the government too.

So Mr. Duncan thinks he should hijack this article to provide us with some useful information (he would call it proof) that Obama is the Socialist Anti-Christ of the King James Bible.  The only problem is that the fight is between Representative Nathan Deal (R-Gainesville) and Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Alabama).  How is this a democratic, socialistic, anti-Christian problem. 

Bottom line is that the GOParanoid have gone bat shit crazy over President Obama. 

Let me make one suggestion to Mr. Duncan:

You  need to stop drinking the kool-aid and eating the fish from Lake Lanier.  The mercury has gone to your brain and you are in danger of having a stroke.  Go back to bed and let the adults figure out the answers on this one.