A local Flowery Branch councilman is calling me a coward for not putting my name on the blog.

  • My identity is not a huge secret. Granted, you won’t find it here on the blog, but you could probably find out with some adept googling.
  • I’m not an elected official. I can post anonymously. I don’t have to disclose my personal finances. I’m not required to maintain quorum rules. There are a lot of things that private citizens (ie me) can do that elected officials (ie you) cannot.
  • Finally, give a brother a break willya? I got the Lion of the Hall County GOP giving me crap, do I really need this also?

Better yet, Fetterman, why not spend your time changing the law so that you don’t have a fellow FB councilman representing different precincts living in the same fricking neighborhood?

Or, why not work on filling the million dollar field-of-dreams more than twice in the past year?

Are you running this year? Are you unopposed? I don’t follow the hotbed of Flowery Branch politics too much, I’ll have to check…