Congressman Nathan Deal kept very quiet before starting his run for Georgia’s Governor. At least, my email box had no news from my Congressman. What the Congressman didn’t do, keep me informed through direct communication, was done by the Gainesville Times. The Times was always kind enough to present a Nathan Deal talking point whenever needed. I should not give Deal that much credit. I’m sure the talking points weren’t his.

Now that Deal feels a need to keep me informed, he’s indicted ACORN. Indicted, that’s his word, not mine. Bloggers are very good at twisting situations and words. Almost as good as professional politicians. Almost.

ACORN hasn’t been indicted by a grand jury. The organization’s employees have been indicted for various types of behavior in certain states. But, searching two databases this morning, I find no federal charges filed against the organization. Nor, any state charges against the organization. Not even a smoking gun that links management to the allegations currently swirling at our feet.

So why did Nathan Deal say no organization should get federal money that “have been similarly indicted?”

I know very little about ACORN, only what I can find via internet research. I’m not going to defend it’s employees who’ve been in the media. But, dammit, don’t they have Constitutional Rights, Congressman Deal? And, Didn’t you, Nathan Deal, take an oath to defend that Constitution

Under the Constitution, which is more important than political ambitions, only the Executive Branch can make accusations of crimes. Article I, Section 9, Clause 3 specifically states that “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed”, as pertains to the federal legislature. Article I, Section 10, applies this same rule to all states (indeed, all states have this prohibition incorporated into their respective constitutions).

Amendment V and Amendment XIV prohibit punitive legal actions without due process of law, Amendment V covering federal actions, and Amendment XIV covering state actions. Due process means that one must be convicted by a jury of their peers through a judicial proceeding before their rights may be terminated.

In short, the Legislative Branch has taken on the powers of the Executive and Judicial Branches, using evidence of questionable validity provided to them by corporate media interests, and convicted and punished without any trial whatsoever an organization, as well as anyone even remotely associated with it in any way.

All of which is being done to win an election. Even if the end could be the justification for a means, there’s no elected office worth the paper the Constitution was written on.

Before making Nathan Deal the next King of Georgia, make him keep his promise to uphold the Constitution.

No one should be judged without a trial by our Congress. No one.