After a self-induced silence, the Lion of local GOP politics comes roaring back:

I think a suitable “mourning” period has passed, so that now I can resume blogging.  The Dimocrats are still counting the days since I stopped posting blog entries.  However, they should have known that I was no longer the Chair of the Hall County GOP.!

We understood that you were no longer chair of the GOP, Mr. Stanley. It was posted on Left on Lanier several months ago. We simply expected you to get more crazed and talkative, not mutter silently to yourself in your self-imposed exile. Our surprise was sincere.

Since you’ve been gone for a while, here’s an example of right-wing-crazy-done right. In case you’ve forgotten.

Welcome back, sir. The graphic at the upper right of the page will disappear- as soon as I figure out how I got it up there in the first place.