Will Southerners ever understand the volumes of law on this issue?

When my kids attended West Hall High School, a prayer preceded the Friday night football game. The band had a student chaplain who led the band club in prayer before every meeting.

Imagine the schools position should a student refuse to stand and pray to Jesus during the officially sanctioned prayers. Imagine the feverish and self-appointed teenaged missionaries who damned other teens to Hell for not loving Jesus. Now the Bible and football have hit the fan again.

Cheerleaders started putting Bible quotes on banners at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School in Catoosa County. This isn’t an old, tried and tested tradition. It started only six years ago.

The cheerleaders build a huge banner for the football team for each Friday night home game. When the team takes the field, the players run through the ten foot tall banner, tearing it to shreds.

The banner is made with school supplies and made on school property and displayed on school property at a school function. Why?

It ain’t to promote football. There’s no reason except to promote Jesus as Savior.

Now that the practice has been stopped, Southerners are all up in arms about how the government is violating their right to worship (with taxpayer dollars) Gawd.

The local story coverage can be read here.

Welcome to the Real World, kids. You are permitted only to worship President Obama in school.” was a comment offered by Pete Randall on a Republican Blog. Does he remember Bush getting the Iraq invasion approved by a higher source?