This is a reprint of a November 2008 blog.

I haven’t seen the on the street reaction to the national beating the GOP just took. The GOP in the media talked about regrouping, redefining, rebuilding, finding new leaders, etc etc etc.

In 2004, I was a college student studying business and political science when Bush won a second term in office. Georgia Republicans made some rude and crude comments towards Kerry! And, Kerry supporters. Comments like the Democratic Party is finished. Some comments directed toward the ‘race’ issue. We just don’t need to re-visit all of those now that the rest of the country has spoken on race in politics.

Do you remember the political maps printed in the newspapers? The ones that allegedly showed county level support for the “Bush Mandate?”

In those maps the country was red with very little bluish purple. Losers, kindly remember that map when crying about media bias.

Remember the battle cries from the victors of 2000 and 2004?

The Bush Cabal shoved that ‘rebel yell’ right back down his supporters throats with $5 trillion dollars of deficit spending and we’re still counting.

Yet, we have GOP victors in this state, like Nathan Deal.

What’s his victory cry?

“Where will Obama and the Democrats get the revenue to run the government?”

Obama and the Democrats should beat it out of your hide, Nathan Deal. When things were going good, you spent the money and took all the credit. Now that reality is upon us, you still won’t accept responsibility for your “party at taxpayer expense.”

Paying the $5 trillion back should be your only job for the next two years.

So what does yesterday [November 2008] mean?

It means the GOP will blame the Democrats, do nothing to help run the country, and collect their pensions.

Can anyone tell me about Nathan Deal’s ‘signature legislation?’ I want to put it on George W. Bush’s political tombstone.

Here lies the second Coming of Ronald Reagan.
The Great Decider and ‘Uniter,’ not divider.
Killed by the signature legislation of one Nathan Deal.