In 2003, Conservatives said, “Everyone wants to invade Iraq. Real men want to invade Iran.”

That has changed.

Real men will not invade Iraq. We will not have real combat deaths. We will not have another Afghanistan or Vietnam.

Because of change.

America doesn’t have to “go it alone” post George Bush. Leadership has always been about winning without all the consequences of losing like in Afghanistan and Iraq. We are still fighting in Afghanistan and our generals beg for more troops. We will soon bring our dead home and leave Iraq to the Iraqis. Iran, without the Bush era threats of invasion, has fallen into factions. “The June 12 presidential election spawned a vibrant new opposition movement, a political schism among the theocrats and popular protests that deeply undermined the hard-line regime’s legitimacy among its constituents.” (link)

Clashes broke out between police and groups protesting the election results from early morning on Saturday onward. Initially, the protests were largely peaceful. However, as time passed, they became increasingly violent. Some protesters began to get violent after the results of the election were announced. Angry crowds in Tehran broke into shops, tore down signs, and smashed windows.[104] Civil unrest took place as protesters set fire to tires outside the Interior Ministry building and others formed a human chain of around 300 people to close off a major Tehran street.[22]

The demonstrations grew bigger and more heated than the 1999 student protests.[12] Al Jazeera English described the 13 June situation as the “biggest unrest since the 1979 revolution.” It also reported that protests seemed spontaneous without any formal organization.[105] Two hundred people protested outside Iran’s embassy in London on 13 June.[106] Ynet has stated that “tens of thousands” protested on 13 June.[107] Demonstrators are chanting phrases such as “Down with the dictator”, “Death to the dictator”, and “Give us our votes back”.[9][107] Mousavi has urged for calm and asked that his supporters refrain from acts of violence.[9

Under Obama, American has returned to an international leader. Our leadership is supported by facts. Those facts have built a coalition to stop Iran’s continuing effort to obtain nuclear weapons. Every nations on the UN Security Council is on our side. Iran must face the world on Thursday in Geneva. Just like Russia had to face the UN during the Missiles of October crisis. We are again the leaders of the Free World.

Bush changed us from leaders of the Free World to Go It Alone Invaders. Conservatives can keep that change.