The First Lady of Georgia will be making a stop at a local elementary school to read her favorite book on September 30.  Not sure if she will be reading  “The Rise of David Duke” by Tyler Bridges, but we all know her fascination with the white supremacist leaders.

This little fiasco will surely be marked by her continued spread of hatred toward others to our school children.  Why can’t our elected leaders leave our students alone?  Why must they continually infiltrate our lives and poison our children’s brains will outright lies and propaganda? 

Ms. Perdue is known for her continually interruption into the public school systems of Georgia.  Each year she does these reading campaigns designed simply to ask our students to be literate, conservatives androids.  Fox News is sure to cover this so that the entire population of Georgia will be infected by her vile contempt for our way of life. 

No word on whether the Gwinnett County School System will allow student’s to opt out, but parents can always hold their students out of school on this day.  Here is hoping that someone comes to their senses soon and stops this propaganda.

Unless you are a complete idiot, you should recognize this as a work of satire.  Ms. Perdue is coming to a Gwinnett Elementary School on Sept. 30 to promote literacy in Georgia.  This is a great thing, but when our President simply wanted to tell students to stay in school and work hard, the right turned it into the most partisan hate fest in recent history.  To the GOParanoid, you are on notice that this works both ways.