Just came from a meeting where Dubose Porter spoke. 

This morning, Dubose Porter spoke with Hall County Democrats at Panera Bread on Dawsonville HWY in Gainesville.  Not sure if anyone knows where this is located since no press showed up to cover the event.

Okay so the press doesn’t cover candidates this far out from the primary.  BullShit!  If this were Nathan Deal or Eric Johnson, Jerry Gunn would have been there quicker than it takes him to smoke a pack of Camels. 

What did he say?  All of the right things. 

He led off with how he would restore education funding, decrease class sizes, and put more technology in the school.  Under his magic plan of reforming sales tax collections, he would provide an additional 1. 6 billion dollars in state revenue.  He also believes that we should take the billion dollars from the lottery that has been saved by limiting blacks and Hispanics to have HOPE scholarships and reinvest that money in technology.

He is in favor of light rail, and would spend 12 million dollars to get the 900 million dollars in matching funds from the federal government to build the Lovejoy line.   He is in favor of the beltway project and believes that fixing Atlanta’s gridlock will create more jobs in Georgia.

On the subject of water, he had very detailed plans that are too extensive to list here, but it dealt mostly with conservation.  He called Perdue’s Inter-Basin Transfer a pipe dream and said that reservoirs are too expensive.  He also claims that most of the problem could be fixed by solving Atlanta’s sewer infrastructure.

On healthcare, he called out Republican Paranoid idiots for their scare tactics, and claimed that we need a national healthcare option.  He also balked at the idea of funding the state’s high-risk pool, but that is because he believes the federal option will make it unneccessary.

All in all, he did a good job.  Still don’t think he can win and that he is running for the wrong  job.  When asked why he would not consider running for State School Superintendent, he bristled by saying I could do more for education as Governor.  Yeah, but you could win the Superintendent position.

Time will tell.