Another sexual harassment event in Hall County government? Will there be a cover up like last time with a sexual pervert quietly allowed to resign? Resign to take care of sick family with a huge wad of taxpayer cash and no sick family?

This time the abused employee has been identified. But, the good ol’ boys have the upper hand.

Charley Nix is quoted in the Gainesville Times as saying it’s just the “re-opening of an old complaint.” That’s exactly the same as saying, “We’ve already investigated all these old issues. There was nothing to it then and there’s nothing to it now.”

Charley doesn’t end his dismissal of the employee with character attack. Charley says this “complaint … encompasses a number of issues.”

No, Charley, there’s only one issue. Did a supervisor harass a female employee? Don’t invent other issues to help defend your male co-workers. Had the male leaders of Hall County punished the last sexual pervert, women in the local government would have been protected.

Charley Nix, keep your mouth shut and don’t comment on a “case … now under investigation.”

The woman has already been on trial in the work place.

You’re putting her on trial in the newspapers.

I hope the jury puts you on trial in a court room.