Representative James Mills says the recent controversy with ACORN justifies him.

Legislators should not need justification. However, some people just feel inadequate. Or, have untreated inferiority complexes.

ACORN, says Mills, justified his effort to stop non-citizens from voting. ACORN doesn’t have an office in Georgia and doesn’t supervise Georgia voting. He needs to do more than Monday morning quarterback. He needs to check reality.

Only Georgia county government can validate voter registration. And, that’s required by law. Always has been.

No activist group, like ACORN, can validate voter registrations. If Representative, James Mills, doesn’t know the law, he should visit the Karen Handel’s website.

Voter registration is a county function. Georgia counties issue voter registration cards after reviewing and processing applications.”

Karen Handel is the current Secretary of State and should be held responsible for training county governments in validating applications. She knows this because the Justice Department recently spanked her punk self for changing voting procedures without due process.

Mills needs a press secretary, too. He has his foot in his mouth. On the one hand, he says, the group’s [ACORN] run-ins with controversy and allegations of voter fraud motivated him to pass a law. Then, he says, “I was not aware of some of the egregious offenses that we’re aware of now with ACORN” at the time he authored his voting law.

He is not sure even in hindsight of what he knew when it knew it today. After learning the law on voter registration procedures, he can get a press secretary or maybe just shut up.

Link to Gainesville Times story on ACORN.