Political parties set the tone for our public debates, not the imaginary mainstream media. Political parties, and political leaders, often manipulate the media using false information. False information was used to convince Congress and the public that we must invade Iraq or watch more Americans die on U.S. soil. Bush used the media almost from the first day in office to convince the public that his budget would cut taxes, save a trillion dollars in cash, and pay off two trillion in public debt. His media blitz included survey type information from dubious sources. These sources supported a voodoo economic policy that left us $10 trillion in debt. Debt that should have been paid off.

The Republicans are again trying to get a big payoff from false information.

The Obama Survey, or as the Republicans named it, the 2009 Obama Agenda Survey, started with voodoo economic numbers about the ten year deficit. The next question in the survey is just as dishonest in nature.

“Do you believe the federal government has gone too far in bailing out failing banks, insurance companies and the auto industry?”

There can be only one answer to such a question. Yes. Few people will say no because of the loaded wording. Why is such a question used in a survey, even a biased survey? A real survey would have asked a more neutral question. “How do you feel about the programs using federal dollars to prevent the bankruptcy of insurance companies, banks, and GM?” That’s an open question that can be answered on a sliding scale. People can answer with more than a yes or no.

But, the Republican 2009 Obama Agenda Survey only allows a yes or no answer to any of the survey questions. No science allowed in the party of emotions and prejudice.

The 2009 Obama Agenda Survey will not answer any questions about how the public feels. It will only twist perception. Those twisted perceptions will be cited by GOP leaders in media interviews and media outlets as proof

The proof provided is a portrait of American politics. When our Democracy needs thoughtful and reflective debate, the GOP has nothing to offer. Unless political parties should offer heated, emotional debate driven by the darkest human desire.