So what is up with all the pronouns.  Well, I have this friend who put this link on Facebook.

Obama’s Speeches– Obama Mentions Self Nearly 1,200 Times!

I know what you are thinking.  WOW!  Supposedly, Obama speaks the word “I” or “me” 1198 times in just 47 speeches. 

I was actually thinking SO WHAT!  Then, I started wondering why did they only use 47 speeches.  I know I have heard President Obama give more than 47 speeches in the 9 months that he has been President.  This is like when I watch TV and the announcer says 4 out of 5 doctors recommend this drug.  Well if I ask 5oo doctors and 400 say its great, well alrighty then, but if I ask 5 and 4 say yes, the statistic doesn’t hold up. 

So then I got to thinking, as I was reading this article, that surely Mr. Gainor was talking abut the last 47 speeches I heard Obama give.  That would be a newfound sense of arrogance and something that I could still care less about, but no he simple handpicked 47 speeches that Mr. Obama has given since he was elected. 

Could it be that he picked 47 autobiographical speeches?  I considered then the speech he gave to school children.  I heard him use “I” in that speech quite a bit.  Let’s see out of 2436 words, I heard him say “I” 57 times.  Let’s see I believe that means he said “I” 2 percent of the time.  Oops that’s not a good example that I picked.

Maybe I should look at the speech he gave to the joint session of Congress.  Here I heard him bragging about what he will do to reform healthcare.  Let’s see I heard him use the word “I” 65 times in his 5696 words.  Oops, I guess I picked a worse example than the school speech.

You know there is a good chance he is making all of this up.  Wouldn’t be the first time FOX news has misled the American people.  At least that is what I think.

By the way Gray, I used the word “I” 32 times in this blog, and I am damn proud of it.