During the Reagan years, upper tax brackets were lowered by incredible amounts. Then, fixed taxes were hiked by the largest peace time increase ever.

The net effect was a huge increase in tax dollars paid by lower and middle income workers and a huge decrease in taxes paid by those who didn’t need a tax cut or a pay increase.


Some submissive wage slaves say we must have rich people so the rest of us can have jobs. That’s a load of begging, isn’t it?

It comes across as a whining plea to “Please, please. Cut my bosses taxes so I can keep my job.”There are several valid points in discussing taxation. Your boss isn’t one of those points.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, not at the feet of the rich.

We didn’t earn our current birth rights. Nor did some rich man give them to us.  Had we been born in Cuba, Haiti, or North Korea, could we by birth right have a voice in government? Would there be a MicroSoft or Apple Computer if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs had been born sons of rice farmers in Asia?

We stand on the shoulders of giants who died creating, defending, and protecting our ‘right to whine.’

We could and should do more than whine about the price of being an American. We could and should honor those who paid 100% of their future earnings to our way of life, our government, and the ideals of democracy. Those who lived and died left us a Bill of Rights and a bill for our rights. The price is high and unevenly distributed. Just ask the dead lying in green fields under white tombstones. Ask the wounded walking with wooden legs or riding in wheeled chairs.

Is the price of being free so high? Is life so dear and peace so sweet? Are you so cold that silver is your coin of honor?

If you want another tax cut or you just want to whine about what you’re not getting for  your tax dollars, kiss my grits. You should be pushing up daisies instead of pushing up protest signs.