Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle spoke to the Gainesville Rotary Club yesterday.  He spoke mainly on water supply, but he had a few comments on the state budget.

Cagle reported that more cuts were going to come and that he hope the Governor would make targeted cuts instead of across the board.  He also commented that he thought the deficit was much higher than 900 million but closer to 1.5 billion dollars.

The truth is we will probably be closer to 2 billion dollars by January and there is no evidence that Mr. Perdue will make targeted cuts.  Let’s face it.  Perdue will cut another 5% across the board and give state workers (including teachers another 3 furlough days). 

My sources at the capitol tell me that Sonny called for 6 furlough days back in June, but that the leadership talked him down to just 3. 

The better solution would be to call a special session and fix this problem now by repealing the sales taxs cuts given to the special interest groups in Georgia.