Since Mad Dog has already published a post on Sonny Perdue’s involvement with ACORN, I was going to leave this alone; however, since Sens. Rep. Setzler and Sen. Rogers (R – Asshatt Wannabe) weighed in over at Peach Pundit, I just couldn’t resist.

Sen. Rogers and Rep. Setzler would have us believe that the Georgia legislature had nothing to do with any funds that were appropriated to ACORN.  Supposedly, the ACORN funding came about due to a competitive bid with the Department of Human Resources and was not approved by the legislature.  Okay, I’ll bite.

Here is Setzler response from Peach Pundit (My comments are in red):

I appreciate the level of interest in eliminating contracts with ACORN from the state budget. On behalf of the legislators named in this video, we welcome any information you can provide to help us eliminate organizations like ACORN from contracting with the state. To identify this one contract in question, the House and Senate Budget Offices had to run a 4-hour database query of over 1.4 million records to identify evidence that a contract existed with one of the many affiliate organizations of ACORN. Whose fault is that? Besides we have been hearing about the evils of ACORN for a year now.  Why did you wait til now to run that query?

To set the record straight:

(1) Not one of the legislators named in Mrs. Hodges’ video had any prior knowledge that this contract existed, that ACORN held any state contract, or that a federal mandate even existed requiring that federal money flowing to our state be spent to publicize eligibility for food stamps; Again whose fault is that?  The only constitutional mandate for the General Assembly of Georgia is to pass an Appropriations bill.  Since the General Assembly of Georgia is the only government entity that can appropriate funds, then it was their responsibility to know.

(2) The governor’s office had no prior knowledge of this contract; Why not?  Is the Department of Human Resources not under his purview as the Chief Economic Officer of our state?   Did he not appoint the Director for Human Resources? 

(3) Both the legislators and the governor’s office initiated action to eliminate the contract within hours of becoming aware of it.

Ironically, all of the named legislators are strong advocates of zero-based budgeting. In fact, Rep. Tom Graves is the House sponsor of HB-44 the Georgia Zero-Based “Budget Act” and Senator Chip Rogers was the sponsor of the Transparency in Government Act in 2008 that created an online search tool to allow citizens to dig in to the state’s spending like never before.  And we all know this is going nowhere.  You guys can’t pass a non-zeroed based balanced budget in 40 days.

That said, with 12,000 separate vendors contracting with the Department of Human Resources each year, we as citizen legislators who spend much of the year earning a living in the marketplace urge conservatives to help us stay on top of wasteful programs of funding to organizations such as ACORN, Planned Parenthood, and others. Just like this about ACORN came initially from a constituent in North Cobb County, as a fellow conservative, I ask you get involved in a constructive way to help us protect our citizen’s tax dollars. Protecting liberty requires all of us to be involved!  So you are admitting the job is too difficult for you.  In that case step aside.  Goverment is not for the light of heart or light of brain.  Mr. Setzler if you can’t handle the responsibilities of your position then resign or at least do not seek reelection.

The GOParanoid of Georgia have been in total control for almost 8 years when will they begin to take responsibility for their action.  Time after time, they come together to say, “It isn’t our fault.”

It isn’t their fault that education has been cut by almost 3 billion dollars.  It isn’t their fault that taxes for everyday citizen have continued to rise while business have seen record tax breaks.  It isn’t their fault that their tax breaks have not resulted in increased revenue or more jobs for the people of Georgia.  It isn’t their fault that they hired the exact same crooked organization to do the exact same job that national republicans are screaming about. 

The buck has to stop somewhere.  I guess just not with the GOParanoid of Georgia.