Why does Georgia give tax breaks to Hollywood corporations? Supply siders, economic midgets, and Republicans say these tax cuts are good for Georgia.

Georgia taxpayers are suffering under budget cuts to police, fire, and education while Hollywood corporations see increased profits through 30% tax cuts.

These tax cuts of 30% for out of state corporations are the same as government spending, aka wealth tranfer, using GOP terminology.

Let’s state that taxes equal service, a balanced budget as required in Georgia. In simple math 1=1 or more algebraic, T1 is equal to B1 when S is 1. T being a symbol for tax revenue. B being the symbol for projected budget and S being the symbol for delivered service or standard of living.

We cut tax revenue by 30%, now we have T.7 = B1. Now we have inflationary spending in one geographic area and political system, Georgia. To stop inflationary spending and return to a balance, the budget must be reduced to B.7. Now we have T.7 is equal to B.7 and S is .7, reflecting the 30% cut in delivered services or standard of living.

By cutting delivered services to taxpayers, taxpayers must either work harder to maintain the standard of living. In effect, Georgia’s wealth has been transferred to Hollywood corporations unless the overall standard of living increased throughout Georgia by 30%.

Why do Georgia’s school children, teachers, firefighters, police, and state retirees have to suffer reduced income, job benefit losses, and poor education for the sake of Hollywood, California?

By the way Casey Cagle, did you enjoy having your office featured in a major Hollywood production?