Racism lives and thrives like a hidden cancer in our society, only  occasionally emerging to kill. Kill. I started to write that as a metaphor. Racism kills people.

Racism is only slightly different from discrimination. Humans must discriminate friend from foe, good and evil, and the road to happiness from the road to Hell.

If I write on a piece of paper,  ||||, what does it mean to your human mind? Is it the number one thousand, one hundred and eleven or just four lines. Or two pairs of lines? Or, the Roman numeral FOUR misspelled?

What your eyes see must be what your mind sees.

Rational discrimination does not have a negative emotional context. Healthy discrimination has a real world context. In the example, paper, writing, language, numbers, a discussion, an audience.

Racism has one and only one context. uncontrolled emotion.

Study the emotional and irrational critics of our country and President Obama. Look in the mirror. Ask yourself. “What would drive me to scream in a crowed room full of strangers?” And, how would those strangers judge you.