Prominent member of the Hall County Republican Party, Joshua Scott Morris, chimed in with this bit of knowledge from Peach Pundit last night.

JSMSo Mr. Morris, in his wisdom, compares Joe Wilson’s action to that of an African American Entertainer, an African American tennis player, and an African American college football player.  While you will see no defense of either Ms. Williams or Mr. West on this blog, let’s try to remember who these people are. 

Williams is a tennis player who shouted out at a line judge for a questionable call.  She lost control of her temper at the U.S. Open during a very competitive game.  Her comments were idiotic and inappropriate, but in context it was not that abnormal of a response.  Anybody remember Mr. John McEnroe? 

Kanye West on the other hand is known for his inappropriate, foul mouthed rants.  His comments at the MTV Video Music Awards were also idiotic and inappropriate.  Mr. West was immediately escorted out of the venue by security.  He made an apology on his blog, a more public apology on the opening night of Jay Leno’s new show, and now he has made an official apology to Ms. Swift on The View.  Is that enough?  Probably not, but it is a damn site better than Joe Wilson’s half hearted apology to President Obama and members of Congress. 

As for Mr. Blount and the punch heard across the stadium, he has apologized and lost his ability to play for the rest of his college career. 

When will Mr. Wilson receive his just punishment?  He should have to buy time on the public networks and apologize to the American people.  He should be censure or even banned from congress.  How many of you would put up with an employee that shouts down a guest in your company? 

So Mr. Morris would like to inject race into this conversation with his comparison.  Is Mr. Wilson a racist?  Nah!  He just hates black people, and now I am wondering the same about Mr. Morris.  Josh, I bet your mother would be so proud of you.  Couple of more post like that will win you an asshat nomination.

Just in case you don’t remember Mr. McEnroe, check out this video: