Gainesville and Hall County aren’t the only hotbed of insider land deals. Or, concerns about development like the TAD that could steal from this generation of students to benefit this generation of developers. Perhaps if our District Attorney convened a ‘special grand jury’ to investigate City Center political insiders, we might have a public disclosure on the inner workings of politics and business.

Especially those of County Commissioners, Billy Powell and Tom Oliver and attorney, Tread Syfan, Syfan was relieved from his duties as attorney for the Gainesville Redevelopment Authority because of his involvement with the City Center lawsuit. It seems Syfan cut some deals between Gainesville

Syfan previously brokered a deal for the city to sell its police and fire headquarters on Jesse Jewell Parkway to Gainesville City Center. He had a contract to purchase the Regions Operations Center property with two Hall County commissioners, Tom Oliver and Billy Powell, under a limited liability corporation called City View Investments. (from the Gainesville Times article)

This conflict of interests, plural, came to an end without an ‘audit’ or ‘an independent outside’ investigation, so it seems. Wasn’t it something about our county not having a written ethics code?

Meanwhile, Danny Porter of Gwinnett isn’t waiting for the local GOP leadership to police itself. That is the issue when government is dominated by one party.

None of the five Gwinnett County Commissioner would respond to questions on the grand jury or the underlying land deals. Each land deal involved politically connected developers who had ties to county commissioners who pushed for the purchases, which were at inflated prices and based on questionable appraisals.

Best of luck to DA Porter and the honest citizens of Gwinnett County. And, thanks to the AJC for breaking the story on insider land deals.