Another media outlet has gone bankrupt, financially, not morally.

Triple Crown Media Inc., which owns daily and weekly newspapers in Georgia, on Monday became at least the 11th newspaper publisher to seek bankruptcy protection over the past year.

In a prepackaged Chapter 11 filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, the Lexington, Ky.-based company listed assets of about $33 million and liabilities of about $86 million.

Six ‘conservative’ newspapers in Georgia can’t make money. Maybe these were mainstream liberal biased papers, not proper Southern Conservative papers. Maybe people got tired of reading all the good news and none of the bad news.

So where are the proper Southern Conservatives to gloat about the loss of jobs under Obama. Where is the celebration as the fourth estate slowly dies?

As freedom of the press is pressured by economic reality, as fewer CEO’s control the news, what becomes of our democracy?

Already our hometown paper, the Gainesville Times, appears to be nothing but a conservative rag, protecting unethical Favorite Sons. Or, like some websites, providing one sided coverage when unethical behavior is alleged by other sources.

As the print media dies, greater responsibility falls to the political blogger. Print only the facts. When reporting allegations, mark them as allegations. Demand government provide open access, to documents, meetings, and public services like education.