Here we go again.

Remember last year about this time. Revenue figures had dropped by about a billion dollars.
Democrats were calling for a special session.
Candidates against incumbent state legislators were warning that fiscal mismanagement was going to lead to Georgia’s financial ruins, and that if incumbents were re-elected that no significant financial reforms would take place.

Fast forward to November, where all of those warnings fail on deaf ears and the incumbents were re-elected.

Now it is déjà vu all over again. Our August revenue figures have fallen by 16.4% or about a quarter of a billion dollars from last year. The Governor calls this number an outlier due to the backlog in the state revenue office with income tax refunds.

Are you people really buying this bullshit? We knew we had to pay income tax refunds. So why would you cut that budget to the point the office can’t do the job it has to do.

Now, I am going out on a limb here and say that maybe just maybe, the August figures are so low because of the sales tax free holidays at the beginning of the month. Maybe, just maybe, none of those specialized tax cuts really stimulated the economy, but simply lowered revenue figures.

When will we wake up, and smell what they are shoveling down our throats? If you want lower taxes, you have to change your spending priorities.