Okay so I was wrong last week (0-1), but we looked good for one drive.  Not sure we can overcome the Stafford, Moreno, Massaquoi departure, but I can’t give up on my team.

For you gamblers the line is 6 1/2, and the over/under is 40. 

I don’t think they will cover either one. 

Here is my prediction for this week:

South Carolina 10 Georgia 13.

This tends to be a low scoring game anyway.  Georgia has a great punter this year which will keep South Carolina on their side of the fifty.  Look for Spurrier to combat this with high flailing passes down field.  The SOB is bound to get lucky at least once.  Look for Georgia to drive, but not finish the drill.  This will lead to our normal two field goal, one touch down game against South Carolina. 

See you at the game.