From another blog,

It’s called, The Man in the Mirror, (with some minor edits.)

Michael Jackson wrote the song. The lyrics are lost to this blogger but the idea hangs with me.

Last night a Congressman screamed at the President during a national TV address to a joint session of Congress.

We’re screaming and fighting on national TV, biting fingers off in street protests. This is democracy at its best and its worst. Or, at least people at their worst, barely more than a mob.

Democracy must have passion and participation. It need not be all Southern cordial manners to be civil.

I am not well mannered nor cordial towards liars, especially an Ann Coulter. But, even in my passion, I do not call her a liar without presenting facts.

Perhaps, last nights passion will be reflected in a mirror this morning. I know it will be an ugly image, a dark shadow from the deepest pit of the human soul.

Is it the final image of American Democracy? God forbid.

And, please God, in my passion and zeal, never let that image face me in my mirror.