Hey Boehner, can you get control of your caucus?

There’s a Congressman calling the President a liar during his speech. Another Congresswoman (several, in fact) are siding with the Birthers. Others are claiming death panels are on the horizon.

John, get a handle on your members. It’s embarrassing.

The American people respect, nay expect, vibrant opposition from the competing party. But when it degenerates into a farce worthy of a Farrelly Brothers movie, it’s gone too far.

Bonus: Rep. Joe Wilson? Congratulations. You just earned a well funded and highly motivated Democratic challenger.

Double Bonus: The always reasonable Erick Erickson weighs in and calls Rep. Wilson a “Great American Hero”.

Triple Bonus: The media is snooping around this new Republican Hero and finds he’s been shifty on his financial disclosures.