UPDATE (9:46 p.m.):  McCain calls for Joe Wilson to Apologize.

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

One word you never seem to hear in politics is “liar”.  It just isn’t done.  You tend to say my opponent is factually incorrect or you say he has misinformation, but never call him a liar.  I once asked a successful politician why would you not call a liar a liar, and he said it is just too powerful a word to accuse someone running or holding public office as purposefully giving misinformation to the public.  It is just too great a crime.

So Congressman Joe Wilson breaks that precedent by calling the President of the United State a liar during the Joint Session of Congress.

Now, normally I would applaud someone who speaks truth to power, but when you are obviously so misinformed as Mr. Wilson, well, it gets you an Asshat nomination. 

This action might just put him in front runner status.  So Mr. Wilson if you read this blog, and you should, the next time your Governor goes hiking go with him.