Alright, it is time to put aside partisan politics and talk about what really matters to this blogger:  GEORGIA DAWGS FOOTBALL!!!!!!

This looks to be an uncertain season for us, but hey we always play better as the underdogs. 

If you want to see my predictions, keep reading.

Game # 1 Oklahoma State 28 Georgia 30
Reportedly Joe Cox has the flu.  Look for Logan Grey to take the reins early.  If Georgia can run, Georgia can win.

Game # 2 South Carolina  10  Georgia 13
I hate Steve Spurrier.  Nuff said.

Game #3  Arkansas  14  Georgia 31
If Georgia stays healthy should be a one sided game.

Game #4  LSU   Georgia  (too close to call, yes I know that is a cop out)
I hate to admit that I like LSU, but I do.  Just can’t pick this one.  I guarantee the score will be close.

Game #5  Tennessee  10  Georgia  47
Dad always said kick a man when he is down or he just might get up and beat your ass.  Kick ’em Georgia and kick ’em hard.

Game #6  Vanderbilt  14  Georgia 17
I always like this game cause it tends to be a surprise every year.

Game  #7  Florida  35  Georgia  24
Just don’t see it happening this year.  Florida is good, but their offense might have a weakness.  Time will tell.

Game  #8  Tennessee Tech  14  Georgia  48
This one will explain itself.

Game #9  Auburn  Georgia  (too close to call)
Auburn has struggled as of late, but they seem to have our number at home.  If we are in the Top 10 look for us to be upset.

Game  #10  Kentucky 3  Georgia  21
Kentucky has done better as of late, but I don’t think this is their year.

Game  #11  Georgia Tech  Georgia  (too close to call)
If we lose, Richt will be updating his resume.  Sorry Richt, but we might lose.

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