The debating hasn’t stopped. The misinformation is growing. And, someone chewed off a finger, allegedly, at a townhall meeting.

Back to reality.

Local firefighters are providing Primary Care from their big red trucks in Washington.

Peeling off his latex gloves after treating a 4-year-old boy having a severe asthma attack, J. R. Muyleart sighed with a touch of frustration. It was 3 a.m. and in the past 24-hour shift, Mr. Muyleart, a firefighter, had responded to at least one emergency call per hour.

But only two of those calls were for fires; most of the others involved heart attacks, diabetic sores, epileptic seizures and people complaining of shortness of breath.

“I joined the force to battle blazes, not to be an emergency room doctor,” said Firefighter Muyleart, 35.

New York City has 1.2 million emergency medical calls a year. Another 45% of the 473,335 calls answered by firefighters last year involved medical emergencies. Fire departments went on about 15.8 million medical calls in 2008, up from about 5 million in 1980, a 213 percent increase.

Over 15.8 million emergency medical calls being answered by firefighters with EMT. Asthma, chest pains, and shortness of breath fill the “Emergency Room on Wheels.

Can Nathan Deal tell me with a straight face that only 15,000 people would benefit from health reform under Obama after confronting these statistics from firefighters? Can he tell me with a straight face that medical care will be worse after Obama’s reform?

Nothing is worse than lying in the streets with a heart attack and waiting for a fire truck. Is there?

That is the public option plan put into place by Republican neglect.

Is the Republican option the only public plan to keep in place? It will be if Rep. Nathan Deal gets what he wants in Washington.