Strong, steely back-boned state legislators Judson Hill (R-Marietta) and Chip Rogers (R-Marietta) call a press conference and go full tilt against the federal health care reform:

The proposed amendment would, Hill and Rogers said, allow Georgia to invoke the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That amendment says that any power not explicitly granted the federal government in the Constitution is preserved for the states.

Hill and Rogers argue that the health care reform bill being debated in Congress would violate the 10th Amendment and that their state amendment would protect Georgia from having to participate in any federal reform.

Ooops! They overlooked one key provision…

Asked if Medicare, which is government-run health care for seniors, would also then be unconstitutional, Hill said, “That’s a good question. I don’t know yet. We’ll fight that battle when it comes before us.”

Later that day, they have a new revelation.

This statement just came in from Sen. Judson Hill (R-Marietta):

“This constitutional amendment enables Georgians, who qualify, to continue to have the freedom to participate in government health care plans such as Medicaid, Medicare and Peachcare. We are not challenging the constitutionality of any existing government subsidized health care. This clarifies any comment which might imply otherwise.

“I have also offered legislation which would provide a financial scholarship for low income children on Medicaid and Peachcare so they can have private health insurance to give them better access to doctors.”

The backtracking is truly stupendous, gentlemen. To go from full-bore “get your dirty federal hands off my state!” to “on second thought, maybe federal health care is a good thing” in less than a day demonstrates some flexibility.

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