Just ask State Rep. Carl Rogers, R-Gainesville. He’s the math wizard. In today’s Gainesville Times, Rep. Rogers says he saved Gainesville Taxpayers a million dollars. How?

Rogers and his fellow Hall County Republicans refused to cut taxes for the elderly inside the city of Gainesville. However, Rogers did cut taxes for others in Hall County.

Rogers said in the article, that cutting “another million dollars of ad valorem [taxes] was not the right thing to do.” He also said local legislators specifically left the city school system out of the exemption amendment when it was written in March 2008 because of the system’s budget issues.

Yes, Mr. Rogers, the Gainesville School System changed accounting systems in 2008. During 2008, now former finance director Angela Adams “was placed on a plan of improvement” for certain job-related issues.Then, in July, “Adams left the district with two weeks’ notice for Buford city schools. She left without closing the books for the 2006-07 school year, opening the books for 2007-08 or completing implementation of the software.”

If Rogers was watching the Gainesville School System, why didn’t he catch these major problems in 2008? How dare he take credit in September for being clairvoyant in March? Our State Representative isn’t any different than psychics in the Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped 18 years ago. Psychics have come forward in that horrible case to say, “I always said you’d find her!”


Psychics can’t take credit 18 years after the fact and voters shouldn’t let Rogers take credit 6 months after the fact. The fact is that Rogers didn’t mention this great million dollar savings until Gainesville officials had to reject the school tax break for 36 people over age 70!

So Gainesville officials said, “We were under the impression that we were included and were planning accordingly.”

Gainesville School officials weren’t planning on a million dollars like Rogers is claiming. They planned on $66,000.

Some one ask Carl Rogers for the other $934,000 he saved for the students in Gainesville Schools!

And, when he doesn’t have the money, fire him like Superintendent Steven Ballowe.

If your elected officials don’t understand personal responsibility, let them get some on the job training at some other job.