It would seem some people don’t the difference between fiction, fact, and theory. The amount of the tax cuts provided by Ronald Reagan are fact. Some people just can’t face the facts.

When John F. Kennedy took office, the top tax bracket was 90 percent. He proposed cutting that rate. That rate was cut during the Johnson years to 70 percent, where it remained until the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, the Reagan Tax Cuts.

After the Reagan tax cuts, the top bracket was 28 percent, a more than fifty percent reduction in taxation. That fifty percent reduction doubled the after tax take home pay of millionaires and billionaires. To put a fine point on it with figures: A millionaire paid could have paid as much as $700,000 in taxes per million of unsheltered income in 1968. By 1986 the net of a million dollars in unsheltered income was over $700,000, up from about $300,000. Pretty much doubled the income after taxes for the snobby rich, the millionaire, and the billionaire.

If you were making $20,000 per year in 1980, your take home pay didn’t double after the Reagan tax cuts. After the Reagan tax cuts, the increases in FICA taxes, and inflation, the average middle class worker took home less cash than ever before.

These are facts. Evolution is theory. Reaganomics is fiction.