For those of you who do not live in the 24 hour political world.  Qualifying for municipal posts begin today.

I know these aren’t as exciting as who is running for Governor, but one must remember that these city officials wield a lot of power inside of their jurisdictions.

Not expecting many surprises this year.  In Flowery Branch, 3 of the 5 city council seats are open.  The 3 incumbents have not stated whether they will seek re-election, but this blogger is betting that 2 of the 3 run again.  This blogger expects that Allen Bryan Sr. will not run again due to his deteriorating health.  Flowery Branch has had a great deal of turn over in the past, but not expecting much this year.  Look for an old face, Ed Lezaj of Newberry Point, to qualify.  Ed has been thinking about running every since he left in 2006. Lezaj election could bring a moderate voice to the city council which has been mired in 3-2 votes since the election of Fetterman and Lutz.  There is also a rumor that Lutz and Fetterman have recruited their own candidate to help give them the majority.

In related news, Lutz has said that he will challenge Bobby Banks for county commissioner next year.  Should he win, there will be a special election for his unexpired term.  Could make for some interesting local politics?

As to the Oakwood and Gainesville elections, not much brewing.  Mayor Lamar Scroggs should be a relatively safe incumbent.  Not sure if Sam Evans (Damon Evans father) will run again, but it would be his race to lose.  In Gainesville, I would love to see Joe Diaz challenge Danny Dunagan again.  IMHO if it is a two way race Diaz will win.  As to the school board, with all that went on last year expect to see some major fireworks. That being said, no one has jumped out early to challenge either Syphan or Simmons.

Left on Lanier will keep you posted as we get closer to the qualifying deadline.  That is Friday for most of these positions.