I first met Dubose Porter when he was Chairman of the House Education Committee. It is doubtful that Mr. Porter would remember that encounter or if he would even remember our last encounter which took place a little less than a year ago. All that said, I have much respect for him, and what he has done during his service as a state legislator; however, I believe he is running for the wrong office.

So if you are listening Mr. Porter, I think you should run for State School Superintendent.

Now, I didn’t just come to this conclusion because the world’s only incestuous blogger said that Kathy Cox is beatable.   This conclusion was made based on my experiences with Mr. Porter.

As I said the first time I met Mr. Porter, he was the Chairman of the House Education Committee. We didn’t agree on all items, but he was very respectful and listened to my opinions. When he spoke it was carefully thought out and obvious that he had the best interest of all parties involved.

Mr. Porter has shown his value of public education over his many years in the Georgia General Assembly. As Zell Miller’s floor leader, he negotiated significant increases in teacher pay while still balancing the budget and not over burdening the state with higher taxes. Porter also helped with the fight of reforming education to provide for greater teacher accountability, the end of social promotion, and to fund foreign language education at the elementary level. Of course, most of this was gutted by Sonny to pay for his GOFISH program and other luxuries we can’t afford.

Even in the minority, he has continued to rail against the injustices that the GOParanoid, led by Sonny Perdue, has created against education. He knows that cutting education by almost 3 billion dollars over the last 7 years is a foolish policy, and would never have okay the use of furloughs to balance a misguided budget. 

Still not convinced, here is one of his floor speeches on education:

I hope he will change his mind because Dubose Porter would make a great State School Superintendent, and yes Erick, Kathy is beatable.