Just got off the phone with Nathan Deal’s Tele-Townhall.  Not sure why he can’t do it in person, but at least he is talking.  

Point of fact, last year Nathan made a big deal about deriding other candidates that use this format.  Guess he thinks things are different now.

Here’s what I heard: 

Deal said:  “Healthcare is your responsibility.  We can incentivise healthcare, but people must take personal responsibility.” 

Most of my republican friends (yes Icky I have friends and some are republican) believe that people do not have healthcare because they do not want healthcare.  Whether this is true or not, incentivising physicals and other health maintenance procedures is a good idea, and the reason why I am not completely sold on the current bill in the House.

Debt:  We have seen the deficit skyrocket.  He claims that it started at the end of the Bush administration and did not take any responsibility for the debt.  He claims to have a fiscally conservative voting record, but did little to stop the Bush gravy train.  Now that we are actually spending money to help the real Joe the Plumber, Deal is voting against the people.

Medicare:   He claims that Medicare Advantage program will be done away with under Obama plan.  This may be true.  Feel free to comment below. 

Insurance Competition:  Republicans propose that we allow people to buy healthcare across statelines.  He claims that TENNCARE has devasted Tennessee.  Though the University of Tennessee says most people are sastisfied with TennCare.

Deal claims that congressman can opt-out of ObamaCare.  The truth is that congressman can opt-out because they are already covered.  If you already have health insurance and like it, you can opt out too.

Deal claims that home health is not adequately covered in this healthcare bill.  I need more details.  Comment away.

Deal claims that we need transparency in order to be better aware of healthcare costs.  Medicare sets the rates and that becomes the standard fee, but we need to be able to see itemized costs.  I am not opposed to the transparency, but not sure it would be the cureall that Mr. Deal is proposing.

Deal claims that medicare is not adequately reimbursing doctors.  I know a few doctors that claim this as well.  The only problem is I still see them driving their convertible mercedes around town. 

Deal claims that he has voted to allow military to control borders.  He also claims that the Posse Comitatus act will not allow military to enforce civilian law; however if he had of read PL – 109-364, he would know that the Congress and President Bush repealed this act in 2006. 

My biggest pet peeve was that he allowed a caller to say that illegal immigration is the reason for high cost in healthcare and the reason that our education system is in trouble.  Both statements are completely asinine.