Being an unconvicted felon won’t stop Karen Handel from becoming governor or from controlling election outcomes.

The issue that came up was a “legal vote”.  That could be a problem in defining “legal” on this blog.

Not that anyone wants “illegal votes.” But, can’t we agree that many votes are “illegal” and counted every election that have nothing to do with race or citizenship?

Because of Handel’s action, the argument can be made that all votes cast in a system not in full compliance with the Constitution are illegal.

Karen Handel cheapened all the votes and shamed all honest voters. Why make such changes in the legal voting system just before an election except in an attempt to change the outcome of that election?

Judge the actions not only by effect and intention but by timing.

It wasn’t the first day on the job for Karen Handel. And, it wasn’t an unfunded mandate forcing her to do a job on the cheap. Nor, a court ruling. Or, a piece of legislation a thousand pages long being ‘rushed’ through committee. We weren’t being attacked by terrorists or little green men from Mars.

The argument has been made that the ‘billions’ of new registrations required mass verification. Be advised! Each Georgia county is responsible for verification before issuing a voter registration card. It is not a function of the Secretary of State (SOS) to mass verify county voter registration. It is the responsibility of Karen Handel, SOS, to follow the law even if she or Sonny Perdue doesn’t like it.

Why couldn’t Handel, if there was a problem, solve that problem in a methodical way without breaking the laws, cheapening honest votes, and stopping honest voters from fully enjoying the benefits of freedom and democracy?

Somebody answer that for me.