Times headline just served to create more resentment

I have not often expressed my appreciation to The Times for your willingness to print on your opinion pages the widest diversity of political and cultural viewpoints. I do so now.

Sadly, that observation only enhances my surprise and disappointment to see Thursday’s front page, four-column headline. In large bold letters it suggests “coming disaster” in reference to a news article about a forum on health care legislation.

Surely you know that in this area of the country, there are large concentrations of misled, misinformed, frightened and angry people, some now carrying firearms. Your headline serves to further inflame emotions and is irresponsible.

What is needed are untainted facts. The news sections of a neutral press, if a utopian dream, would strive to simply inform readers what is true and what is not.

Examples such as this prove (no matter the good intent) the inability of private, for-profit institutions to serve the essential interests of the public and at the same time maximize profitability.

W. Lorraine Watkins

I know W. Lorraine Watkins and she’s Hell of a woman.