Hand-delivered to Nathan Deal’s office this morning…


The Honorable Nathan Deal

500 Jesse Jewell Pkwy, Suite 300

Gainesville GA 30503

August 11, 2009

Dear Congressman Deal,

I understand that your health care forum on tomorrow will not allow for a general Q & A session with your constituents. It is troubling that the Hall County Chamber of Commerce is complicit in your plan to pre-screen questions from residents that are concerned about America’s health care system.

Many constituents, including myself, would like to ask questions regarding your views on health care but are unlikely to attend if not given the opportunity to do so. Instead of the free exchange of ideas, the Hall County Chamber of Commerce has collaborated with yourself and Representative Gingrey to create a media event that promises to be all heat, and no light.

Congressman Deal, I submit these questions in the sincere hope that you might answer them.

  1. You have publicly been against government administered health care. Will you give up your own government health care in order to stay consistent with these beliefs?
  2. Do you feel that US troops have the best health care available? If not, why haven’t you worked harder as former Chairman of the Subcommittee on Health to make it so? If so, why shouldn’t ordinary Americans have access to it?
  3. Why do you believe that competition should be limited in the health care industry, when companies like Federal Express and UPS have made it clear that well-managed companies can compete and thrive against government competition like the US Postal Service?
  4. If the government’s public option would spend a trillion dollars on health care in the next decade (as predicted by the CBO), while health care costs are projected to be much more than if no government plan is enacted, would you agree that is a savings to the American public?

I look forward to your response, even as I am dismayed at the local Chamber of Commerce’s involvement in this media event that will allow limited attendance and pre-screened questions.


Will he answer these questions at the sham event tomorrow? Let’s see….